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On This Week’s Gotham There Are Physical And Metaphorical Masks

This week’s episode of Night Boy and Righteous Cop Gotham introduced a new character and put some twists on older ones. And if you ever wondered what Riddler’s version of Harley Quinn might be like, Gotham has an answer for that too.

I need to head out in a bit to shape young minds (substitute teaching) so I’ll just hit some bullet points from “They Who Hide Behind Masks.”

  • Bruce Wayne is growing into his new role as Night Boy* though being a teenage boy he’s prone to overconfidence. It looks like he doesn’t go to school (is Alfred homeschooling him on top of everything else?) so being up all night isn’t an issue.
  • Jim Gordon travels to meet Falcone in Miami (but looks more like Batista-era Cuba). The old man refuses to return to Gotham to oppose Penguin because he’s dying. His daughter Sofia Falcone hits it off with Gordon and shows up later in Gotham City to help. She dismisses Gordon’s killing of her brother a little too quickly to me and I won’t be surprised if she has some long game going to get back at him.
  • The Riddler is thawed out and removed as the centerpiece of Penguin’s club by Riddler superfan Myrtle Jenkins. She obsessed with Riddler to the point of even having made her own question mark covered dress. I wish they hadn’t killed her off at the end because she could have been a fun sidekick for Riddler, something the show could use since we probably won’t get a proper Joker or Harley Quinn on Gotham.
  • Speaking of the Riddler, he’s even less right in the head than before. I have no idea where the show is going with that.
  • A new season, a new version of Barbara Kean. It turns out she really did die last season and was brought back to life by R’as al Ghul. The resurrected Barbara has dialed way back on the crazy pills and is more the cool calculating lucid woman we’ve seen on occasion before. This version of Barbara is living that Taylor Swift song.
  • Speaking of R’as al Ghul, why did he resurrect Barbara? Is she just a public front for his activities (like a mask) or is she a potential protege like Bruce Wayne? We’ll see.

*If you haven’t been watching, no, that’s not an official name for Bruce’s vigilante alter-ego. At least not yet.

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