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So. That happened. Who could believe that Rebecca and Paula would go out like Thelma and Louise, driving their car off a cliff into a fiery crash? Just kidding. But read on if you want to know spoilers.

The songs for this episode haven’t been uploaded to YouTube yet, so I can’t put them here, but goddammit, Paula’s Gypsy-esque song, “After Everything I’ve Done For You (That You Didn’t Ask For),” was just so amazing. And Lea Solanga song, “One Indescribable Instant,” was every single Disney Princess song all rolled into one.


But my favorite scene in the entire finale has to be the scene with Rebecca and the bird, because it perfectly illustrates the entire theme of the show and is also awesomely hilarious at the same time. Rebecca, after several episodes of telling herself the truth, has retreated back into thinking that she can be a Disney Princess after all, only this time with Greg instead of Josh. Even after being told that the “one indescribable instant” she wants isn’t real, she still thinks she can get it. So as she gets ready, a bird lands on her windowsill. “Are you here to help me get ready?” she asks the bird, as if she were Cinderella.

“What? No. What?” the bird chirps in reply, even though of course Rebecca can’t understand. As Rebecca tries to sing (in her normal, pitchy voice, again different from the awesome voice of her fantasy), the bird chirps, “I just remembered I can fly. Bye, bitch!”

I want that bird to come back next season, dammit.

Rebecca has problems. She has a fantasy world in which she likes to retreat. Greg, however, has more problems. He thinks he knows what Rebecca likes and it’s not him. Except it is, except he’s so insecure that he doesn’t realize it. And this insecurity causes him to have a complete meltdown. He basically pushes her into the path of Josh.


Josh also has problems. He turns out to be a classic commitment-phobe. Even with Valencia, he can’t commit, until even she realizes it and dumps his ass (and thank god for that — Valencia was never the villain here and she was so good in this episode). And then he immediately turns to Rebecca. And Rebecca, having had her heart broken, has retreated so far into that fantasy world that she goes with him onto a magic carpet ride and has sex on that magic carpet.

And then she confesses that she moved here for him, because now that they are together, everything will be okay. Except it won’t, because “one indescribable instant”s don’t exist. Josh looks like he made a huge mistake, Greg is vomiting and wishing he told Rebecca he loved her, and meanwhile the only happy couple is Darryl and White Josh. You can want the fantasy, Rebecca, but life is a lot more nuanced than that.


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

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