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Once Upon A Time - Age of Dark Swan

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The fifth season of Storybrooke Avengers Once Upon A Time picks up right where the last one ended. It looks like Emma is giving her red jacket a rest for a while with her new look. Spoilers for the season premiere episode ahead.


Here are my quick thoughts about the episode “The Dark Swan”:

  • Now that Emma is the Dark One she gets a Head Rumpelstiltskin to guide her. But he doesn’t fill out a red dress the way Tricia Helfer did.
  • So the Dark One’s Dagger is part of Excalibur. Well okay then.
  • Zelena’s inevitable betrayal was even faster than I expected. But I do like the way Rebecca Mader is chewing the scenery.
  • Snow, why did you bring your baby? Wasn’t there anyone in Storybrooke who could babysit?
  • Did anyone think Emma would actually kill Merida? If it had been some random person running around the woods there might have been some real tension but this wasn’t someone the show could lightly kill off. Or if they did there was some sort of reset coming.
  • Emma made a good decision! She gave the dagger to Regina and for the right reason. Too bad Emma got it back.
  • Not the memory loss thing again.
  • Those eyebrows are freaking me out.
Illustration for article titled iOnce Upon A Time/i - Age of Dark Swan

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