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Once Upon A Time - Claiming The Siege Perilous

In this week’s Once Upon A Time: The Dark World it turns out there is something rotten in Camelot and Regina has a heartwarming chat with her sister. Meanwhile back in Storybrooke Emma needs a hero. Spoilers ahead.

In Storybrooke the Dark Swan steals one of the dwarves’ axes to break the stone holding Excalibur. Since it’s an Emma plan it fails of course. Head Rumple reminds her that she needs a hero to draw the sword from the stone.


Hook and Robin compare complicated love lives when Emma has him bring dinner to his ship for a romantic meal. Emma even goes back to her old look to get Hook to trust her. Hook rejects the new Emma and she leaves.

Arthur approaches Sheriff Charming about the theft of some magic relics that traveled to Storybrooke with his people. It looks like Arthur’s squire is the thief and he is captured after a chase where Arthur gets a quick driving lesson.

Meanwhile in Camelot Regina is going through Merlin’s tomes and finds a reference to a toadstool called the Crimson Crown that helps communicate through barriers, magical and otherwise. With it they may be able to talk to Merlin who could tell them how to free him.

When she’s alone with Zelena, Regina unmutes her briefly so they can talk. Regina slips back into Evil Queen mode to promise her sister that her child will be “fine and loved and safe” while the same will not be true for Zelena.


Arthur joins Charming on a quest to find the Crimson Crown. When they’re equipping themselves Arthur explains about the Siege Perilous at his Round Table. It is reserved for the knight of purest heart and used to be Lancelot’s seat (hardly the worst adaptation of existing lore the show has done). As they travel Charming and Arthur bond. Charming gets the toadstool but loses it fighting its guardians.


Charming is knighted as Sir David and given the honor of the Siege Perilous. But is not as it seems. Snow encounters Lancelot, believed dead, who warns her that Arthur is a villain. He stole the Crimson Crown from Charming for the good of Camelot.

In Storybrooke Regina finds the book with her written note referencing the Crimson Crown. Charming finds the toadstool and Regina again believes it can be used to communicate with Merlin.


Arthur visits his jailed squire who was actually working with Arthur to spread the story of a magic bean that could return people to Camelot. Since he can’t return to Camelot Arthur intends to create a new Camelot in Storybrooke. To further his plan Arthur convinces his squire to drink a magic poison that makes his dead body disappear.

Rumpelstiltskin wakes up but he’s not where Belle left him. Emma has woken him by using the sword he attacked Hook with before becoming the Dark One (she took it when she visited Hook’s ship). Emma intends to make Rumple a hero who can draw Excalibur from the stone.


Assorted Thoughts:

  • Hook tries to recruit Robin to help him find out what’s behind Emma’s locked door. We didn’t hear Robin’s answer but I’m pretty sure he’s in.
  • Is Arthur truly a villain or is he doing bad things for a good reason? He’s not gleefully about it the way the Evil Queen or the Wicked Witch were.

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