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Once Upon A Time Finally Went There

The ABC Sunday night fanfic show known as Once Upon A Time finally did something that some fans have been wanting to see and apparently the showrunners had promised would happen sometime this season. And they did it in true Once Upon A Time fashion. Spoilers ahead.

In the cleverly titled “Ruby Slippers” (even though the magical footwear are silver shoes) Dorothy has been been put under the old reliable sleeping curse in Oz. The only one who can break the curse with Love’s True Kiss is Red, something that was heavily foreshadowed.


Now that two women have shared Love’s True Kiss will we see them again? Dorothy is the protector of Oz so she’s staying there. Presumably Ruby will stay with her. Dorothy’s nemesis Zelena is still around (and still fabulous in green) so we may visit Oz again.

And Mulan is once again kicked to the curb.

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