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Anyone else still watching this show? If you stopped because the characters would act however was needed to serve the story, then a) I don't blame you and b) don't bother coming back, it's still like that.

But if you didn't really care about that, the return episode had its moments. I am also ashamed to admit (but not really or I wouldn't have) that I never realized Cruella's last name De Vil was actually just the word devil separated into two words. Until I saw the license plate on her pretty cool car. Way better than the yellow bug Emma drives around.


And Regina still gets some good lines/zingers in, I particularly liked her phone call from Ursula. I'm glad that being not evil hasn't made her overly nice.


And the "smoke monster", which came from the sorcerer's hat when Regina freed the blue fairy, turned out to be a possible CGI test for a live action Gargoyles movie. Tell me this doesn't look like a Once Upon A Time version of Goliath.


Update: as GuanoLad has pointed out in the comments, it is more likely Once Upon A Time's version of Night on Bald Mountain, although it could be both. It's not like the show sticks to one particular version of anything, seeing as how Cruela has animal based magic powers.

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