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Once Upon A Time in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Once Upon A Time has thrown a lot of bones at Star Wars fans during its run. With a new Star Wars movie coming out in December I wouldn’t be surprised if Disney creates some synergy by having an episode of the show next fall set “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.” Here’s my pitch.

Lucasfilm probably doesn’t want some TV show outside of its control muck up their universe but there is a workaround.


Emma and Henry are babysitting little Neal while Snow and Charming are out for a rare date. Neal may only be a year old but Emma tells him a story as a way to bond. She has used the alias Princess Leia so Emma knows of Star Wars and starts off with the familiar line.

It is the early days of the Empire when the Jedi who survived Order 66 are still being hunted. The Dark One (Rumplestiltskin) is one of the Emperor’s best Jedi hunters. His current assignment is a Force-sensitive woman named Regina who is also the target of of a Padawan in hiding named Emma whose situation is similar to Kanan Jarrus. Emma is part of a band of rebels including Mary Margaret, David (the Han Solo surrogate), his faithful copilot/mechanic Ruby (if they can get Meghan Ory back for the episode) and whoever else they want to include.

Regina wants to be good but has a lot of anger so she could turn to either the Dark Side or the Light Side. So the episode is about which way Regina will go as Rumple and Emma fight for her soul. The Dark One in true Sith fashion is thinking of making a bid for the Emperor’s throne and wants Regina as his apprentice instead of killing her.


(Sometime during the story Henry is distracted from his video games enough to turn away and give his full attention to Emma.)

Rumple and Regina both realize she is at least as powerful in the Force as he is. Seeing her as a threat, Rumple tries to kill Regina but she is saved by Emma and her pitiful little band.


Since it is just Emma spinning a story it’s not canon and doesn’t even have to strictly follow established canon. And the story can be revisited when desired, like when another Star Wars movie comes out.

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