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Once Upon A Time - Who Will Pay The Price?

This week’s episode of Once Upon A Time deals with a deception in Camelot and the downside of fame (or more accurately infamy). Meanwhile back in Storybrooke everyone has to adjust to the new Emma Swan. Spoilers ahead.

In Camelot Arthur is looking for the Savior to free Merlin from his tree prison. Regina blocks Emma and tells Arthur that she is the Savior. Regina is trying to prevent Emma from using dark magic but that part of the plan ends up in the crapper.


One of Arthur’s knights, Percival, recognizes Regina as the Evil Queen who burned down his village. He tries to kill Regina but Robin ends up stabbed instead. Emma is the only one who can heal Robin with her dark magic. Since Regina begged Emma to save Robin, Regina owes the price for Robin’s life. While she admits to Arthur that she is the Evil Queen but he still thinks Regina is the Savior.

The curse on Storybrooke still prevents the inhabitants from leaving. This time those going outside the boundaries are turned into trees. As Regina says, that’s new.

Speaking of Regina, she and Emma have effectively switched places from the first season. Emma is the Big Bad who has the town under a curse and it looks like Regina is going to be the new Savior of Storybrooke.

Regina’s first test as Savior is to defeat a Fury who has come to town to collect an unpaid price (in this case a life) for using magic. Regina assumes Dark Swan summoned the creature (since Regina doesn’t remember what happened in Camelot) but Emma sets her straight.


With some help Regina sends the Fury back empty-handed (no, I don’t get how that works either).

Hook tries Love’s True Kiss on Emma but it doesn’t work. Emma is acting under her own free will, not a curse.


Emma also brought Arthur, Guinevere and others from Camelot to Storybrooke. Arthur is missing Excalibur because it is in Emma’s basement. Head Rumple tells her she can make Excalibur whole again with the Dark One dagger. Buts he can’t draw the sword from the stone (why is it back in the stone?) without paying a price.


Assorted thoughts:

  • Emma looks like she’s settling into being the Dark One but at the same time she also seems to be intentionally pushing Regina to become a new Savior. Or I’m reading too much into her interactions with Regina.
  • In true fairy tale fashion saying “Emma Swan” three times summons.her.
  • Henry meets a girl and woos her with the power of bad pop music.

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