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Once upon a villain

After last night's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, it looks to me like between this show and Once Upon a Time we only have one proper villain left. Spoilers for both shows ahead.

I like villains. A competent villain elevates the show or movie he's in.Palpatine may have been overconfident in Return of the Jedi but he was in top form in Revenge of the Sith. In a show based on fairytale characters you would expect the villains to be, well, villainous.


Jafar is right now the only real villain in the OUAT universe. Before you start screaming about Peter Pan, I'm talking about the long term characters on both shows. Pan's story looks like it's coming to a head and will probably be resolved in the next episode*. Anyway, Jafar is a 100% pure dick, which from his flashbacks is perfectly understandable.

Regina and Rumpelstiltskin joined the Fairytale Avengers to save Henry but after that plot is resolved hopefully we'll see their villainous sides reemerge. For instance, Regina still hasn't dealt with Snow murdering her mother. She may just bide her time while Snow's heart turns black but patience isn't one of Regina's strong points.


Last night's episode reduced the Red Queen to a petulant girl pining for her lost love. She was petulant and bratty before but I had hoped it was for a better reason.

At least we still have Jafar. May he keep firebombing castles.

*If Pan's still around then in true Internet style I'll edit the post to reflect that and assume no one remembers the original version of the post.

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