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One character hits rock bottom on Intruders

On this week's Intruders Todd Crane catches hell from everyone and Gary Fischer makes a bad decision. But mainly the episode sets up next week's season finale. Spoilers ahead.


Poor Todd. First Jack breaks in, beats him up and tries to make fresh squeezed hand as he questions Todd. Then Richard shows up, does some torturing of his own to get what he wants from Todd. Finally he finds out Madison has kidnaped his daughter to make Todd set up a meet with Rose. But he's not having the worst day in this episode.

Gary Fischer is completely broken. He thinks the only possible hope he has of stopping or exposing Qui Reverti is to kill himself at the mystery building to draw attention. As plans go it really sucks. Jack shows up and begs Gary to help him instead of jumping off the roof. Jack argues it’s at least better to go down fighting than just give up. But Gary has played his part in the story so he jumps.

At the end of the episode we have Madison and Jack at the mystery building with Richard and Amy on the way. So next week what goes around may finally come around.

  • Millie Brown has the best American accent of all the Brits on the show.
  • Rose and her jazz musician talk philosophically before making their love connection. Meanwhile Richard was in love with Amy and delayed Rose's triggering for nine years. The love polygon just added another side.

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