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One question is answered on The Blacklist

Many bullets fly, some bodies fall, two new threats emerge and one question gets answered on the conclusion of "Anslo Garrick." Blood spattered spoilers ahead.


Tech Guy manages to deactivate the jammers before getting caught along with Liz. When Liz is threatened Red forces the door code out of Ressler and the Box is opened. Garrick takes Red and Liz and escapes before the FBI's response team assaults the black site.

Liz is still channeling an action hero and gets away. But she can't follow Red because his locator chip has been removed. But Red has told her to contact Mr. Kaplan.

Everyone figures out that there is a mole in the mix. Liz realizes that the mole has been calling a house right across the street from her home and checks it out. After killing the man who was watching her house, Liz chooses to call Mr. Kaplan instead of her boss.


Mr. Kaplan turns out to be Ms. Kaplan (played by the underrated Susan Blommaert) who would give Winston Wolf a run for his money. Kaplan cleans the scene and sends some of Red's mercenaries into a building that might hold Red. The mercs clear the place but it's not where Red is being held.


Meanwhile, Red is being tortured by Garrick, who is actually working for someone else. The new Big Bad is... Alan Alda?


Anyway, Alda's character and Red have a lot of history and have the kind of cryptic conversation that means we'll see a lot more of Alan Alda.

Back at the FBI, Liz is musing with Malick that anyone could be the mole except Ressler since he was almost killed during the attack on the black site. Then Liz figures out where Red is and it's FBI assault time again.


But Red has managed to kill Garrick and get away. Because that's what Red does.

Now finding Red is the team's top priority.


Red calls Liz to say even while he's on the run he'll be there when she needs help. She asks if Red is her father and of course he says no. Red also warns Liz to "Be careful of your husband."

I don't think Red is Liz's father and is telling the truth. I'm also sure there's a lot more to Liz's husband than we know. I'm not sure who the mole is but since they specifically said it probably wasn't Ressler he's at the top of my list now.


Fortunately The Blacklist will be back on January 13 so that's not too long to wait.

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