Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Illustration for article titled One thing Im beginning to realise about Agents of SHIELD...

... It's basically a live action Saturday Morning Cartoon, right?

(Above: Artists rendition of the script for Agents of SHIELD)

I mean, all the characters are stereotypical as hell - Agent Ward managed to grow on me a little this week, but he's still boring - there's almost constant over the top action, silly gadgets, one liners out the wazoo (even Simmons got some this week!), more cheese than a particularly well-stocked dairy aisle (Rocket Scientist jokes! Technobabble/'in English' jokes - twice!), and less than subtle thematic plot points. They even convened for a beer on the bay door of their super-secret-super-HQ-jet at the end of the episode - I almost expected it to do a freeze frame, cue the theme tune (and what a theme tune) and roll credits sort of deal...


... and I kinda love every bit of it. It's a very silly, very enjoyable slice of Television.

P.S: I could very easily just watch an episode with Fitz, Simmons and Melinda May, BAMF, doing random shit together because they are the best. Make it happen, Joss!

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