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If you live in the US, this is something you have probably never been affected by or cared about, but for everyone else who isn't American. Have you ever been emailed or was browsing one of your favorite game/TV show/comic/novel/movie/web-series where they have a new competition. You as a fan, very interested in the competition, enter it, only to discover that it's for US residents only, even though there was no indication of this until you had already wrote in your details.

A good example of this was an official Ubisoft/monster energy promotion for their then recent game Watch_Dogs: watchdogs.monsterenergy.com/desktop/

This is US only, could you tell? Does it say anywhere it's US only? Well yes actually, if you click on the terms and services (which I bet all of you US users do), it's there. You know hidden under the massive, bright Enter here button and hidden in a place where most people don't read.

The worst one for me was when, as promotion for Halo Reach, Rooster Teeth and Gamestop did a promotion where you could write a Red vs. Blue PSA. Nowhere on Rooster Teeth's website did it say it was US only, nor gamestop, only once you wrote up your personal details and on the page to submit your script idea did it say US only, in blue text, on a blue background, in an area where it was covered most of the time. Luckily, I wasn't the only one who was annoyed as most of the comments on Rooster Teeth were complaints. DC, Marvel, Universal, EA, IGN, Bungie and Paramount are really bad at this as well.

Now before you mention it. I know this is not a big deal to many in the grand scheme of things. Yes I know about US gambling laws. I know many of these companies are to lazy to do anything special for their international audience and lets face it, they don't care a single bit about the international audience in any terms other than sales figures. Why? Due to us not being their main audience so to them we can just f*** off and give them money.


But the thing is, couldn't they just say it's US only? Why is this so hard? Just put in clean, clear and big enough to see text saying, "For US Residents Only" right at the top.

This is something I really wish companies would stop doing, not only is it just a waste of time and annoys international fans (and it is suspicious they want to hide it and only have in the area where you give them your details). But it feels insulting that the companies don't care enough for their international fans to let them participate. I know smaller companies probably can’t afford to do so (however this doesn't excuse them from not flat out just saying US only), but you think companies like Ubisoft (A Massive French, gaming company) would care/afford to try (then again this is time where video game companies are to lazy to port their game properly and release censored PAL versions even to countries with no strict censoring).

Lastly, if we can't have that. Can companies at least not keep sending invites to them if you can't participate or posting links to them on their .co.uk etc?

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