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Only in FL Would These Two DJs Be Suspended for Their April Fools Joke

Southwestern Florida DJs Val St. John and Scott Fish have been suspended indefinitely for their April Fools joke because of the level of panic the two caused. Just what did they tell their listeners?

Dihydrogen monoxide was coming out of people's taps in the Fort Meyers area. THEY TOLD THEIR LISTENERS WATER WAS COMING OUT OF THE TAPS, PEOPLE. The Atlantic Wire writes, it caused such a widespread panic "that Lee County utility officials had to issue a county-wide statement calming the fears of chemistry challenged Floridians."


I can't believe they're getting suspended for such a silly good-natured prank. This is no HG Wells aliens stunt. They used another word for water and people didn't even bother to google the damn thing before calling the water company. Poor Fish and St. John. The two have rubes for an audience.

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