Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Welcome to the Friday Open Thread, where people rate each other based on short paragraphs of text, making us more detailed than wider society.

Today saw the release of the latest series of Black Mirror and I have to say after watching a couple of episodes that despite the clear signs of ‘Americanisation’ when it comes to how it’s filmed the stories themselves appear to be relevant and depressing as always. The opener Nosedive focuses on a world that could be described as Instagram on steroids, where as opposed to money access to everyone and everything is dependent on your rating out of 5 that everyone gives you, going so far as people being restricted out of housing and flights due to low rating scores. This sees people lose their jobs for breaking up with someone more popular and others ignoring terrible service due to the potential backlash of scores.


The second episode Playtest is genuinely fucking scary, revolving around this new form of interactive experience described as “beyond VR”.

Going forward I’m looking forward to episode 5, Men Against Fire, which from the trailer and the description seems to point to military VR gone to hell with users suffering PTSD.

So are any of you planning to watch the new series? What programs with large amounts of social commentary do you like? Talk about that or anything you want below as always.

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