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Only Yesterday

Isao Takahata’s overlooked gem is finally seeing wide release in the US, 25 years after its creation- with a new English dub featuring Daisy Ridley and Dev Patel.

Takahata’s films are the secret side of Studio Ghibli. The spirit-crushing Grave of Fireflies. The magical testicles of Pom Poko. His films are hard to bring up in mixed company. Only Yesterday has never seen official home video release in the US and that is in part because it talks about menstruation for a second and periods are too yucky for American audiences to even think about momentarily.


Until now. GKids have dubbed the undubbable and it is playing all across the country right now. Its theatrical debut was February 26th. Most cities have it for a week. Like, this week. Or next week. Maybe the week after that, and that’s about it. Why not see this in the theater, if you can? I will be.

Here’s a little more about it from Mandy Wan’s delightful retrospective of Studio Ghibli films for Forever Young Adult:

It’s 1982, and 27-year-old Takeo’s life is in stasis: she doesn’t care for her job, and her love life is nonexistent. Takeo is nostalgic for her childhood — back when she was full of hopes and dreams. As Takeo revisits her past, her present involves a break from city life with a visit to the rural countryside, which makes her reconsider her priorities.

Only Yesterday is pretty much an animated live-action movie about life, work, and love — and a really good one, at that. Because who says anime can’t be used to tell realistic stories? Who says anime can’t be geared towards adults? After all, the readers of a site like ours know better than anyone that there’s no age limit to the type of movies and books that we’re “allowed” to enjoy.


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