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Hello everybody and welcome back to the Open Forum!

Again, it's a holiday Open Forum. Why? Because I'm on holiday. As you all know, I'm on holiday in France right now and it's amazing. My grandparents have a house here (they're not french though, they just decided to live in France in the middle of nowhere). Some of my family goes here in the summer too, so I get to see them again. It's great. That brings us to today's topic:

What is your favourite holiday destination?

Mine is here. I see a lot of family, it's nice weather, it's great. Also I have fond memories of going here as a child and spending the holiday walking through the woods, building a treehouse, swimming and all that stuff.


I also like to go out and travel with friends (I went to North-Spain last year and it was great). So basically any place I go with friends as well.

So, what is your favourite holiday destination?

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