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Open Forum: The Competition For The O-Deck

Hello everybody and welcome to the Open Forum!

I had a great day today, work was awful. But I played some GTA Online during my lunch break (and stocked in some food for GTA Online tonight which you shouldn't miss).


But after work I went out for sushi with the rest of the Geek family. That was lots of fun (though maybe I shouldn't have ordered that sake).

All in all it was a great day. But, now for the exciting stuff. As you may have read from the title, there's going to be a little competition tonight. I received an email from Crunchyroll the other day saying that they were giving me 48 hours of premium to give away and thought I'd give it to one of you guys. But because I had no idea who to give it to, I thought I'd do this.

What's happening? Well, your task is to come up with a genius/creative/funny O-Deck conspiracy theory. You can vote on whichever you think is best by recommending it or saying it's awesome.


So, how was your day? And of course, what's the best/funniest/geniusest/whatever conspiracy theory of the O-Deck you can come up with?

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