Ok, Corpore Metal came up with that name.

Another confession, I know I said the Open Forum was going to be a daily thing but I forgot. It may take a while to enter my system but it'll get there.

Most people here have posting privileges, so the Open Forum will be a place to sit back and discuss, explain or do whatever you want. I'll Suggest a topic or ask a question and give a little intro, maybe say a thing or two about myself. After that, it's up to you.

Today's topic will be a simple "how was your day?". The reason for this was because my day was awesome. I had to work 9 hours, and spent the whole time thinking of what todays topic should be. Then I thought, "how about I ask a girl out and it could be about rejection". So I asked a girl out who works with me and I thought was cute for quite a while (another reason was ChronoDestroyer2's post:http://chronodestroyer2.kinja.com/the-universe-j…). I asked her out (after offering her my sandwich, I'm not the smoothest) and she rejected me (I think). But usually I wouldn't ask at all, so yay for me. Then, after work I cycled home (listening to the Read Hot Chilli Peppers and eating sweets, best 20 minutes), had rice with cabbage and tofu and am now watching Rush Hour 2.


So, how was your day? How will your weekend be? and (if it's not too cheesy) how's your love life going? (I swear, the topics will improve)


Ps. What time is it where you guys are? over here it's 21:00 o'clock.