Hello everyone and welcome to the Open Forum!

I'm having a great time in New York, I think want to live here.

Last night I went to Momofuku Milk (after Wrenja recommended it to me). And I had some of the best cookies I'ver ever had in my entire life. They also had a milkshake that tasted like milk after you've had cereal. It tasted weird, but very nice. (Plus, I saw a pornstar like eight minutes after I left the hotel.)

This morning I went to Ess A Bagel and got some bagels and ice coffee (which didn't taste that nice) and ate them in Central Park. I also walked around Central Park for a Park

I then set off to try and find Midtown Comics, but I didn't find it until six o'clock (though I did go to a Broadway show and a few other places in the meantime).


I went to a comic book store called Montasy Comics and bought some magic the gathering cards. I also went to Kinokunya and bought some manga.

I then went times square and got some front row tickets to see the spider-man Broadway show.


It was awesome. Just amazing. I don't know what else to say, I had goosebumps throughout the whole thing (Spider-Man is my favourite superhero). I really recommend it.

Then, I went to Midtown Comics and got some blank variant covers (plus spider-man jenga!). And a bunch of other stuff,but I'm not gonna bother you guys with that.


I then went back to the hotel and had some teryaki at a Japanese restaurant next to the hotel.

All in all, I had an amazing day. So, for today's topic I'm going to ask: What is/are the highlight(s) of your day?


Mine were probably having breakfast in Central park, going to a Spider-Man Broadway show (with front row tickets!) and walking in to a random videogame store and finding out they had the Urusei Yatsura game for the DS.

So, what is/are the highlight(s) of your day?