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Open Forum: The O-Deck for the O-Deck

Hello everybody and welcome to today's Open Forum!

For some the weekend is just starting, for others their Saturday is coming to a close. Just a few other others have a whole day's work behind them and through an unexpected message from a friend will be going out tonight to get hammered and miserably fail at picking up girls.


Yep, that last one's me. I don't usually get unexpected invitations to do things or unexpected guests or anything like that. Hell I rarely get invited to do things at all. But still, everyone has experienced someone drop by unexpectedly or through a sudden turn of events landed somewhere they hadn't expected and ended up having a blast.

This is probably my top (I know it's lame but the only other one I can remember right now is my friend dropping by with his girlfriend while I was in bed and was still in my pyjamas).

So, today's topic ladies and gentlemen: What was the best time you've had (through an unexpected turn of events)? and of course feel free to discuss anything you want.

Also, coming up tomorrow: A resurrection of the O-Deck weekly tv show (sorry for all the delay) Or maybe O-Deck rpg. (How many people would like to play something similar to D&D with roll20?(with the O-Deck))

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