Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Open Forum: The O-Deck for the O-Deck

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Hello everybody and welcome to the Open Forum!

Today is a sad day for people all over the world. It may happen at a different day everywhere, but but nearly everyone has the same feeling about it.


I'm talking about the end of the summer holiday's. A lot of you have gone back to work already. I've been working as well. But school starts again tomorrow. And then the countdown begins to the next summer, another 40 weeks till june.

Inspired by this, today's topic is: What do you spend your summer holidays thinking about?


I spend most of them thinking how I'll get through the next year as fast as possible and thinking about how fast previous years have gone (ironic, I know).

I'm sorry for the sadness today (it's not the hangover, that's worn off already but I still have a bit of a headache). But hopefully you've had a better day.


So, What do you usually spend your summer holidays thinking about? How was your weekend? And of course, feel free to discuss anything you like.

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