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Open Forum: The O-Deck For The O-Deck

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Hello everybody and welcome back to the Open Forum!

I had a sukkish day today. I spent all of yesterday preparing for a presentation that I didn't end up doing (it's been moved to wednesday) (but I did get to play lots of GTA, so that makes today better). Other than that it was a pretty average day.


So ignoring my very exciting day, we have a topic at hand. Namely, books! I hardly ever read proper books (proper meaning a book that's not a comic book). Mostly because all of the books I've read suck. The books I have to read for school suck, and the books my dad recommend to me suck too (hint, he's got a phd in literary philosophy) (ok, it's not so much that they suck (they're very interesting), but Plato and Nietzsche are quite tiring to read). After all that you may have guessed today's topic: What is/are your favourite book(s)?

My favourites are It from Stephen King (I know, I've mentioned it before) and The Neverending Story.


I know that last one is a children't book. But I remember reading it (as a child) and being able to see the world it created in front of me and being amazed (I since then decided to get an interest in science fiction books but never got to that and started reading Superman instead).

It is the same, I remember being genuinely scared because of how real it all was. I'd read and night and get a freaking heart attack when a light suddenly went on. It is also the only sad book I've enjoyed reading.


So, What is/are your favourite books? and of course, How was your day? (And if you have any recommendations for me I'd be very grateful).

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