Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Hello everybody and welcome back to the Open Forum!

Today's Open Forum will be a bit short, but just as good as always. I just finished playing GTA V (well I saw the credits roll, but that counts) after playing non stop for about six hours. So I'm still stuck in that haze after finishing a game.


But nonetheless, GTA is amazing. This is the first time I actually finished a GTA game (or any open world games for that matter) and I'd go back to it anytime. Then, with Pokemon X and Y coming up soon (which Chrono has gotten us all excited for) it's going to be a great few months in terms of videogames.

So, connecting to our topic: What video games/tv shows/comics/whatnot will make the next few months better for you?

For, it's without a doubt Pokemon (X of course, because of the name). I wasn't that excited for it at first. But after reading Chrono's posts I realised I used to be a huge Pokemon geek and the games were awesome. And with the new games being even more awesome it's just going to be amazing.

Then there's the games that are coming with the new generation (Ps4/Xbox one). Such as Destiny, Wolfenstein (especially wolfenstein) and Final Fantasy XV (actually, even more especially FFXV)


Also, when I'm not slaving away behing a Playstation controller or DS, I'll be enjoying the heck out of Space Brothers (which you should see, it's about the big brother of an astronaut who want's to be an astronaut too). Or of course watching Attack on Titan (which I believe needs no explanation, but it's about a bunch of giants who kill humans who are nearly extinct).

So, a bit longer than I thought it would be (because I had no idea what the topic would be when I started writing this). But: What video games/tv shows/comics/whatnot will make the next few months better for you?

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