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Open Forum: The O-Deck For The O-Deck

Hello everybody and welcome back to the Open Forum. Sorry for not doing the Open Forum last week. I try to do it as often as possible, but my school decided to make last week very busy.

As you all know, something magical has happened a few days ago. Pokemon. I believe half the internet is playing Pokemon (the other half being spambots and trolls). (It's insane how just a few weeks ago GTA V was the most bought game in years).


So for today's topic: (because we can't talk enough Pokemon) how are your Pokemon going?

My party consists of Venesaur, Blaziken, Kadabra, Snorlax, Krokorok (this one's just a wildcard until I can find something better) and Froaky's second evolution (I forgot his name and am too scared too google it because I managed to avoid seeing his final evolution). They're still between level 30 - 40.

I'm loving this game, the amount of detail in this game is unbelievable. Botcher told me that he was in a horde battle between two Pokemon who hunt each other (Zangoose and the gen 6 version of arbok, I'm bad will the gen 6 names sorry) and they started attacking each other.

If you encounter a flying Pokemon in a cave it actually swoops down on the screen. You bend down when talking to kids. But my favourite is Pokemon Amie, I've been doing that way too much and the small lines during battles make those hours of dragging berries around completely worth it. "Ivysaur and Supergeek are so in sync that he predicted the opponents attack".


So, how are you doing with Pokemon? What's your party? And of course, how was your day? (I didn't mention my day because I played 8 hours of Pokemon today).

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