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Open Forum: The O-Deck For The O-Deck

Hello everybody and welcome to the Open Forum!

I had a great day today. I battled against Chrono yesterday and he pummelled me mercilessly (I knew it was going to happen but I had not expected him to defeat me in 10 minutes without losing a single Pokemon). It was unbeleivable how much I'd forgotten. I used to know all pokemon by number, type, weakness and resistance. But now I had no idea what to use against his sword thingie. Something sparked in me tough, that rarely gets sparked and I spent the whole day devising a battle strategy.


So, for today's topic: Do you get competitive? And how competitive do you get?

I don't get competitive that often, but when I get competitive I go all the way. I had to think really hard for this actually. And I think the last time I got really competative was when I had my first Kung Fu exam. I would practice every day until I could execute everything perfectly, survive the toughness training and be insane during the sparring (that's just relative though). Also, I occasionally get insane when playing games like the Colonists of Catan or MTG.

So, Do you get competitive? How competitive do you get? And of course, how was your day?

Oh by the way, Chrono and I are organising a Pokemon tournament together with TAY.


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