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Open Forum: The O-Deck For The O-Deck

Hello everybody and welcome to the Open Forum!

Sorry about not doing the Open Forum yesterday, I had just written up an awesome Post asking you about your heroes and zeroes of the last generation of gaming when the internet stopped working for the night...


Well anyway, I just came back from the long trip home that marks the end of my holiday and am quite tired so I may disappear in a bit.

Today's topic came to me when I was walking the dog just moments ago. I'd turned on the radio on Goole Play Music for the Frantic Flintstones and started hearing quite cool songs from bands that I'd never heard of before (with amazing names like Butt Trumpet). So my question to you is: How do you discover new music?

It's a fact that David Bowie, Bob Dylan and The Clash belong to the best music ever. But I usually find out about other artists and bands by either hearing about them from others (rarely though because most of my friends listen to poop) or (lately) from radio channel thingies on Google Play Music.

So, How do you discover music? What great music have you discovered lately? And of course, How was your day?

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