Hello everybody, today's Open Forum is a bit later than usual, sorry for that.

Let's get in to it right away then. Tomorrow, I don't have to go to work. And I'm going over to a friend of mine for band practise and and some video N64 goodness (mostly N64). Also I'm buying a 3ds.

So, with that, and TAY game night coming up, we get to today's topic: video games. Do you like video games? How often do you play them? How do you play them? And what game got you instantly hooked?


I play lots of video games, but I also play in a bad way. I hardly ever finish a game. Most of the time I give up after getting half way through. There are only a few games that manage to keep my attention all the way through. Uncharted and Ratchet and Clank are such games. But I never play just one game at a time, I'm always working on two or three games at once.

That's why I suck at games like GTA. I've never finished a GTA game (except Chinatown Wars, but that was on my phone so that doesn't count). Whenever I play GTA I start using cheats and killing everybody after only a few hours. Then, a few days later I install mods. And I'm generally finished after a few weeks.


But because Skyrim is amazing at running around and doing whatever floats your boat, I played that a lot. The first time I played Skyrim, I knew I was gonna be hooked. The first three weeks after I bought it are still one big haze for me, I bought it just before the summer holiday and played non stop for a few weeks. I remember when I first started playing it went from three o'clock in the afternoon to midnight almost instantly.

Also, I don't know why. But Uncharted just works for me too.

Those are just the big games though, there are many other games that I enjoy. But that would be too much for one post, maybe another time.


Also, I would like to ask you guys something. I've been doing the Open Forum for about a week now, and I would like to know what you guys think. Should I keep it going? Should I stop? Should they be longer? Or Shorter? Do you look forward to it all day? (ok, I doubt that)

So, Do you like video games? How often do you play them? How do you play them? And what game got you instantly hooked? (and don't forget to tell me what you think about the Open Forum!)


Ps, don't forget TAY game night tonight.