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Open Forum: The O-Deck for the O-Deck

Hello everyone, I'm sorry but today will only be a short version because I was gone all day and will have to go to bed soon because I have work tomorrow. Don't worry, I got some good feedback yesterday and positive reactions so tomorrow will be epic.

So, one of the tips I got (from xeos_) was to be more specific in the topic. But because I don't have long, today will be a simple, how was your day? (trust me though, tomorrow will be great, I know exactly what it'll be about).


I had a great day. I didn't wake up untill 12 (I was up till 4 o'clock for TAY game night). I then went over to a friend of mine, and I bought a 3ds on the way there (it was second hand, and fucking parental controls were on full blast so I had to contact Nintendo for a master key). We then spent the whole afternoon playing Pokemon Stadium and Mario Kart, making music and just hanging out. We had supper, played some more and then I went home and here I am.

Great day.

So, how was your day?

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