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Unofficial Regency* edition.

We've been a couple days without an Open Forum Post, which suggests to me that Supergeek is either enjoying his vacation too much to post or, the option that I'm putting money on, has been kidnapped and is slowly coming to realize that he is in no way related to Liam Neeson…


Anyhoo, not one to let a good thing die (slash I just had an idea for a topic), I figured I'd try to take over for a bit until the heir come of age.

So, today's topic, tangential goals. I'm not talking "What do you want to be when you grow up?" I'm talking about that one kinda cool thing you want to do on the side, visit all seven continents, swim in each of the oceans, have something you've written published somewhere. How about it?

For me, I'm a hobbyist cook. I can't get enough of making good food, and it's really starting to grate on me that it's been too hot to spend any time in the kitchen lately, but that's a tangent for another day. I'm also rediscovering my love of drawing (and how I got separated from that is also a tangent for another day). I spend perhaps an unusual amount of time perusing cookbooks, even if it's jut for pie-in-the-sky stuff I doubt I'll ever have the time or resources to do properly, like home-brewing, or curing meat, or mixology. Lastly, I'm a vagabond at heart. Home for me is a brick oven on the boring side of a rather interesting city (can you tell that the heat is getting to me?), and at any given time, there's not much I would rather be doing than hopping on a plane, train or automobile to get somewhere I've never been.

So, how do I want to combine these disparate interests? Well, inspired by this surreal little gem that I inherited from my late grandfather, it's been kinda my dream on the sideline to illustrate my cooking endeavors, either if I could somehow scrape together a physical book or an ebook, or develop the discipline required to draw and cook in webcomic form. Who knows? At this point, I just know that whatever else happens with my life, if I could illustrate my cooking anecdotes, and the grandpaternal gastronomic lessons passed on to me the couple times I cooked with him, and share it with a bunch of people who want to see it, I'd say that would be pretty cool.


What about you guys? Got any cool sideline goals?

And, as always, how was your day? Or, y'know, talk about whatever. I'm not the boss of you.


*Or Usurpation Edition, if you want to be negative about it.

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