Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Hello everybody, I'm back. You're probably wondering why I was away for so long. Sephycloneno15 did a good job of explaining why, and did an Open Forum while I was gone. Thanks for that.


But internet here is really bad, sometimes it even decides to just stop. I missed the Open Forum because of that one day, and then got sidetracked. I meant to start again on Monday, but before I knew it I'd had a few to many beers for that to be a wise decision. Then yesterday the internet was out all evening.

So, pretending it's Monday. How was SDCC? Did you witness the awesomeness in person? Or stay at home reading articles about it on io9? Or did you do something else amazing? In other words, How did you spend your weekend?

I didn't go to SDCC, but I did manage to read a few articles about it (and I have to go there some day). The rest of my weekend was spent swimming and resting. On Monday (because that counts as weekend now) I drove down to the McDonalds with my uncle and had a few beers when I came back. Yesterday I went out and had the most amazing pizza ever. And today went by really fast. I didn't really do much today.

So, how was your Weekend (plus Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)? And what did you think of SDCC?

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