Hello everybody and welcome back to the Open Forum!

Thanks for all the great suggestions! There were all great and I'm going to try to do as many of them as possible, like going to the Museam Of Natural History or going to a baseball game.

I had the day off today, and I watched tv all day (well not all day, I just kinda half passed out from tiredness on the couch for 4 hours). And a friend came over in the evening. We had noodles and a few beers in the park and we had one of those one to one moments you have with a good friend every once in a while. He also requested that this be today's topic: What is the best thing you've done with 'da friend'? (a really good friend, I had to say it that way),

For me, that's probably going to the park with him today. We've done that before, but Today was a bit different, we talked about some personal stuff, and had great fun. It wasn't sad or anything, we just talked, laughed and had fun.


So, What is the best thing you've done with 'da friend'? (in normal words: What's the best thing you've done with a friend?) Also, how was your day?

I'm very tired right now, so I'm going to go to bed right away. But I'll be back to comment and stuff tomorrow morning.