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Open Forum: The Party for the O-Deck

Hello everybody, you may be wondering what all the party (or should I say parTAY?) is for.

I kind of gave it away. Buuuuuuuuuuuut, I just recently received posting privileges for TAY. That means that from now on I shall be both an O-Deck and a TAY representer.


You can expect to see all that you know and are familiar with from me, plus video games, anime and food. Don't worry about me not visiting the O-Deck any more and partying on TAY all the time cause that won't happen.

Now, aside from partying there is also a topic at hand. And today's topic comes courtesy of Corpore Metal: How do you shave?

I shave using shaving gel and semi disposable shavers.


(I also have a mach 3 lying around for some reason as well but I don't really use that).

What I usually do, is start with my moustache and work my way to my sideburns, alternating between sides.


So, How do you shave? (I understand some women shave, but um, you don't have to answer if you don't want to). And, don't forget to party!


Edit: I nearly forgot. In the mood for some Pen&Paper RPG's? Check out the RPG Summoning Circle.

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