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Open Forum - your most "controversial" geek opinions?

Opinions are like assh... umm, lovely brains. We all have them, but often we can't control them and they go against what we might actually want them to do.

So, here's an open forum. A chance to get it off your chest. What are your opinions that you are normally scared to share with your geek brethren (and sisteren?) for fear of being victim to the horrifying lynch mob?

Maybe you'll find a few fellow-feeling types, who can console you that you're not alone? Or perhaps we'll all be drowned by the angry mob;


I have three particular ones that tend to get me a sound beating in geek circles;

* I don't like Firefly. At all. This may be partly due to the fact I saw Serenity first, but I've given it a few tries and just could never, ever get into it.

* I desperately *desperately* wanted to like Community, and on paper I should absolutely love it, but I couldn't even get through the first season. It left me totally flat. I do love Inspector Spacetime, though - I could watch those little extracts all day.

* While I'm a huge fan of Neil Gaiman, I found The Ocean at the End of the Lane very disappointing, and actually described it as "Gaiman by numbers" at one point, from which opinion I was lucky to escape with my life!


Ok, everyone got their asbestos suits on? Great... your turn! Go!

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