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Spooky Open Thread 3: Are You My Mummy?

Given the news today about the new Mummy film I had to do this one. Please feel free to talk about anything you want as we mummify you, bury you, kill the slaves who buried you and then killed the soldiers who killed the slaves.

I’m perfectly okay with the Mummy being a woman. People seem to conveniently forget that Imhotep was only in the first Mummy movie in the original classic horror films while the rest had Kharis who had nothing to do with Imhotep so it’s not like having a different Mummy is not unexpected.


My hopes though are that they let her be her own character like Kharis and that they cast an Egyptian or someone close to the race of the particular dynasty to play her.

Question of the day 1: What is your favourite Mummy work? For me, the 1932 film.

Question of the day 2: What is your favourite video game genre? Me, fighting games.

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