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Like always, talk about anything you want.

For the quick question of the day: What are you looking forward to? Is there any shows/games/movies/medical procedures etc you are excited for, even though you know that you could be disappointed?

  • After playing the Beta, I’m am really looking forward for Street Fighter V which just so happens is going to be released (as long as it doesn’t get delayed) close to my birthday. The game flowed well and I had the best win streak I’ve ever had (4:41).
  • I am also looking forward for the Vixen TV series. I’ll admit, I didn’t enjoy what I saw of Flash (the first 4 episodes) and the last season of Arrow wasn’t the best. But I hope these were just a low point and the series is very good. I also hope people actually give this show a chance. I’m sick of seeing comments like, “It’s not a “real” TV series” or, “It’s animation, it doesn’t count”. Animation is just as good as live action and lets be honest, nothing in the Arrowverse doesn’t even comes close to being as good as:

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