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Open Thread for Classic Doctor Who Twitch Marathon: Week Two

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I figured that since people are watching the Twitch Doctor Who marathon, covering 500 episodes from the 26 seasons of Classic Who, with the marathon airing over the course of 7 weeks, it would be fun to have a weekly discussion open thread.


I tried to write and start this open thread a while ago but got a fever of 104.5, so I’m still not feeling well at all. Not dying or anything, but wasn’t well and still not doing well bit slowly recuperating (likely/hopefully). So apologies for the mess written here but I’ve/I’m delirious.


The vast majority of these episodes are new to me. Last week’s episodes blew my mind, seeing the first episode (again) but actually being able to watch it as the first ep of the larger story arc following the journey of The First Doctor and his first companions. So much of the DNA, the spine of this series has always been there. Hartnell’s performance is stunning, and it’s easy to see how his performance influenced all of the subsequent Doctors in innumerable ways.


So this is just an open thread for everyone watching to give space to their thoughts if or when they have the time. It’s all about fun and sharing. What it’s not about includes things like: “Old Doctor Who sucks but New Doctor Who is awesome”, or “your opinion is wrong and my opinion is right even if I can’t coherently back up my opinion using an intelligent argument”, etc.

It is absolutely a place where you can disagree with someone fiercely as long as you are polite and you make a case based on facts, information, and being rational, whether it’s common sense, a fu idea, a new spin on things, a new way to look at old ideas, some critical thinking, or a bit literary analysis/criticism. However you do you, do it. Just don’t be mean or rude to anyone. That sort of behavior doesn’t belong here. (You can go to io9 or Giz for that.)


TL;DR: Be nice! It’s okay to have different opinions. Everyone is unique, so everyone has a unique opinion.just don’t be mean or attack. If you have a good reason to disagree, it’s totally cool to hold deep conversations because that’s a healthy dialogue from which both partoes can learn from each other. But at the end of the day, “agree to disagree” is the way go as that is the point of no return, the event horizon that if not avoided sucks everyone involved down into the black hole of trolldom.

Everyone should feel safe and free to have opinionand ask questions without having any fear of “asking stupid questions” becaus there are no stupid questions or stupid thoughts. This is how we all learn in life.


Okay delirium’s taking hold, so I’m done. Please be nice.

In terms of spoilers, I think that all “New Who” is absolutely fair game, and all the “Classic Who” episodes that have already aired are fair game. But until the marathon has already aired the ‘Classic Who” episodes, we should not have spoilers for any of the episodes that have not aired in the marathon because most people, including myself, have not seen these episodes yet. (For example, tomorrow they are airing “The Web of Fear”, “Dominators”, and “The Mind Robber”, so it would suck if someone reveals any of the plot or characters to those episodes that most of haven’t seen are about to see in less than 24 hours.)


Have fun! i’ll join in when I can. Thanks to Casey Counterfly for editing and finishing writing this for me.

Here’s the schedule for this week:

04 JuneThe Time Meddler, The Ark, The Gunfighters, The War Machines

05 JuneTomb Of The Cybermen, The Ice Warriors, The Enemy of the World

06 JuneThe Web Of Fear, The Dominators, The Mind Robber

07 JuneThe Krotons, The Seeds Of Death, The War Games

08 JuneSpearhead From Space, The Silurians

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