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Open Thread! Getting Ready For The Holidays Edition.

It’s the last weekend before the holiday season kicks into high gear here in the USA. First up is Thanksgiving when millions of Americans either overcook their turkey or burn their house to the ground in a turkey fryer accident. Hopefully we here at O-Deck fair better.

This year for Thanksgiving since the weather could be above freezing my family may try grilling our turkey I did one earlier in the year and it turned out pretty good, so I may get to spend some of Thursday being the grill master. Added bonus, I will get to skip all the political conversations cause I’ll be outside, most likely with a beer or two cause that’s what grill masters get to do.


Latter on the today I’m going to make a trip to a bookstore in Omaha (since the local one shut it’s doors last month) and pick up Alton Brown’s new cookbook and maybe grab a few extras for other people to get my Christmas shopping going.

So how’s O-Deck spending it’s day? Got any holidays plans you want to share? Got something else you want to talk about? Have at it below, its the Open Thread.

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