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OPEN THREAD: Haute Couture Edition

Next week begins Haute Couture week in Paris. If you’ve ever thought about dropping in excess of 200,000 USD on a dress, HAVE I GOT SOME SHOWS FOR YOU!!

Not every gown is that expensive, but when it comes to having something custom fitted to your form, and made from the finest fabrics and embellishments available, you might get a little closer to understanding the price tags.

So, the obvious question of the day is, what is the most you have ever spent on an article of clothing?


I dropped $125 USD on a Moschino Jeans camp shirt in the mid 90's; and boy-I-tell-ya-what, I wore the Hell out of it! It was a sky blue base with little white clouds and smiling suns printed on in a chalkboard style. That thing was washed so many times, I had no choice but to let it go.

Feel free to purge your consumerist spending habits in the comments section. Or not. Heck, talk about whatever!

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