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Open Thread: HOW DID THEY NOT USE JEAN GRAY??!?! - Edition

Seriously, Jean Grey... GRAY... LIKE THE COLOR?!?! HELLO??

In the “People have way too much time on their hands” category today, we have an adorable mashup of Rainbow Brite and the X-men. Keep your squees to a barely audible minimum please.

Comicbook.com has the full gallery of the Rage Gear designs, and they are beyond precious. (Big snaps for Northstar’s arrogance and Jubilee’s sparkles!)


The only one I question is Scarlet Witch. Unless they retconned her history, I don’t remember her being an X-man. Oh well. The name works though.


And ehh, open thread. Why not?

I’m meeting a couple of Deckers tonight for dinner. It’s a mini meet-up. WOOHOO!!

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