Welcome to the Sunday open thread, in which we talk about crap adaptations of your favourite books. Or whatever else you want to talk about.

Today I tried watching the 3-hour long adaptation of Going Postal. And Oh. My. God. is it bad! Besides only adapting only the biggest points of the plot, it seems to completely miss the subtlety of the novel and sorely lacking the humour. And they seem to have reduced everything to exactly the cliches Sir Terry usually lampoons in his books.

The whole point of Moist von Lipwig is that he’s a charming confidence man, not your average thug, he is far too angry and mean here. And did he really have to be hit over the head with the consequences of his crimes ghost-of-christmas-past style? Oh, and his decision to change his ways id greatly helped along by falling in love. Adora Belle, for reasons incomprehensible, has turned into a dominatrix, who seems to put her own feelings and wants above the good of the Golem Trust. And Guilt has become a caricature of a villain. Don’t even get me started on what they did too poor Angua.

I’m also sorely disappointed in the production design. It’s clear that they had a tiny budget - but surely they could have done something better with the Golems. First of all, they’re all supposed to look at least somewhat different (or even a lot different!). Secondly they looked far too much like a human in a suit (and made of rock rather than clay!).


I have similar feelings about the Harry Potter movies - they’re okay, but they dropped some major points from the books. And I feel like the production design could have been a lot more... magical, for the budget they had.

So, fellow ODeckers, what adaptations of your favourite books are insanely, maddeningly bad?