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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Open Thread: Is _____ Any Good?

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It’s a new year, with new opportunities and possibilities, not all of them spectacular, but I thought I’d try something different for an open thread idea, namely, is [fill in the blank] any good? This way, we can ask each other if a particular thing is worth our time, and the experts on that thing can reply with their opinions and recommendations. Suggested topics: books, movies, TV shows, games, comics, consumer electronics, breakfast cereals, booze, pets, floor wax/desert toppings, geological periods, obscure political movements, breakaway religious sects, parallel universes.


My pick: Tom King’s Batman. I don’t follow any DC titles right now, but I really liked his Vision series, as well as Omega Men, a team I’d been previously unfamiliar with. Generally I’m leery of the whole Rebirth concept, but I’ve read a couple of positive year-end writeups from sources I generally trust, and the first trade came out this week. So is it worth picking up?

So, ask away! And, um, answer, I guess.

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