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Spooky Open Thread 2: Is That... Fur, Coming Out Of Your Ear?

Welcome all you obviously not suspicious looking people starring into the full moon. This is the Open Thread, a safe haven that is safe for all people who aren’t werewolves.

Group turns into Werewolves

Uh oh.

Who are led by the Litch Queen Nicole

Double uh oh.

You can probably guess what this open threads theme is by now but please feel free to talk about anything you want.


On my end, great news! I’m still getting my bursary... again, hooray! I also found Crimson Peak isn’t getting shown near me because my local Vue refuses to show it. Not so hooray.

Question of the day 1: What is your perfect werewolf? Is it a man who turns into a wolf-man, a giant wolf or whatever this is:

Do silver bullets kill them and mistletoe scare them away?

Myself, a sub-group of regular wolves who have slowly evolved to walk upright and are learning basic tools and fire.


Question of the day 2: What is your favourite Werewolf work? Me, the Skyrim Werewolves because I love playing as one and ripping and eating people’s hearts.

Question of the day 3: Would you rather be a Vampire or a Werewolf? Me, Werewolf every time.

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