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Open Thread: It's flooding! Time to get lootin'! Edition

Ahoy! It’s Friday, it’s raining, and frankly I just finally wanted to be the one to kick off one of these afternoon open threads. But seriously, it’s pouring outside and that means the drive home should be awful. It rains and the whole driving experience goes straight to hell. Meanwhile, some of us who have been driving since we were five years old in all kinds of vehicles and conditions and what have you are just sitting there thinking, “I hate each and every single one of you who refuses to get out of my way!”

But I digress, it’s the open thread so talk about whatever you want.

I’ve spent the better part of the work day doing jack squat. Backups were all I needed to do and I automated that ages ago. So I’ve been kicking it watching Jimm Jefferies clips on YouTube, that and perusing /r/ferrets which is surprising to no one I’m sure.


What about you kids?

EDIT: For those who are curious, that’s a screenshot of the weather warning message as it appears in Weather Timeline ($0.99). Just throwing that out there before anyone has to ask. I’ve used quite a few weather apps in my day, but Weather Timeline is the one I’ve used the longest. Since Day 1 of release to be exact and I can’t remember how long that’s been but it was shortly after Material Design became a known thing.

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