Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Sorry Gretnablue, I had to take the lead tonight, don’t worry about that creaking on the stairs, that whistling in the attic, that scratching against the walls, I’m sure it’s just the sound of the spooky open thread!

Question Of The Day 1: What’s your favourite ghost story? Tv, film, lit or game.

Question Of The Day 2: Ghosts come in many types, your destructive poltergeist, your ethereal formless blob, your recognisable human figure letting out a long sad moan...what’s your preferred, and how much or little power do you like your ghosts to have?


Question Of The Day 3: Had any spooky experiences of your own? Doesn’t matter if you believe or not, or if your experience later transpired to be something much more mundane, we’ve all had our perceptions play tricks on us in interesting ways...or had a ghost fool us into thinking that.

This cruel theft of a thread was bought to you by my finding this in the second-hand bookshop today:

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