Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Open Thread: Let's go to the movies edition

Hello O-Deck, and happy Tuesday! Here’s your open thread for the day, and an invitation to join us for a Netflix Party to watch a movie Sunday. We have a few options to choose from, and the time is a little flexible, so let us know if you want to join!

Those of us on Twitter have done this a few time already, and just wanted to put it out there for those that are less active on Twitter (or not active at all). It works out pretty well overall.


Step one: vote for the movie above.

Step two: Download the Chrome extension Netflix Party.

Step three: Join us Sunday evening for the movie. I would love to say that we have a for sure time, but let’s be realistic, this isn’t something that always happens right on time.


If you have questions I, DeathMaster 780, ♫UkuleleDan♫, Jinxe, Pisspotamus, or a few others can answer them.

For the rest, it’s an open thread, talk about what you will.

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