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Open Thread- Lizard Men!

One of the most enduring cryptids that pops up is giant lizards in various shapes and forms. I mentioned last time that I talked about cryptids how much I love seas serpents and lake monsters, but a close second is definitely lizard men.

A newly famous (or famous again) lizard man is the Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp. First sighted in 1988 when a local teenager was attacked by a strange creature at 2am on his way home. His rear-view mirror and roof was damaged in the attack.


The creature has resurfaced several times, including about a month ago, when it was seen outside a church in broad daylight. The woman who reported the sighting also got a clear picture:

Looks like an extra from a SyFy Friday movie to me...

Check out more about the Scape Ore Lizard Man on Wikipedia!

So open thread it up people! What’s going on in your life?!

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