“Wake up travelers from distant lands, don’t be afraid. For tonight you’ll be going on a magical journey of self-discovery and wonder. Now my dears, choose your class and walk out of the wooden doors behind you so we can begin.”

Like always, talk about whatever you want.

Questions of the day:

Question 1: Fallout 4 or Star Wars Battlefront? I’m about to cancel my Pip Boy edition, but even then I can’t afford both. Which one do you think I should go for?

Question 2: What was the first console you ever owned? My brother had a Sega Gamegear, A playstaition and a Gameboy Colour. But my first console was my own Gameboy Colour and the main games I played on it were Oracle of Ages, Pokemon Red & Silver, An X-Men game, Hamtaro and a game with a bunch of upgraded Game & Watch mini games on it.