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Open Thread- Mer-Vengers

Artiofab challenged me to do an open thread about mer-people. Lo and behold, earlier this morning Jill Pantozzi, the Nerdy Bird, posted this pic of her group cosplay as the Mer-Vengers! I assume it’s for WorldCon, as she’s a Boise resident and Spokane is just a hop skip and jump.

Mer-people are another mythological creature that I don’t understand why they aren’t seen as major bad asses. Aquaman written well is one of the best heroes out there. I mean mer-people are built to withstand incredible depths, so they’re incredibly strong and durable. They are unbelievably fast in the water. They will jack you up.


In the above pic, I just dig the barnacle crusted Mjolnir and the Lobster-claw scepter BTW.

So open thread it up! What’s going on people?!

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