Never let it be said that people in the L.A. area are the best drivers. Last Friday some idiot almost hit me while I was crossing.

In Cali. the rule is during heavy traffic, 2 cars can make a left turn after the stop light turns from yellow to red.

It was broad daylight and I had the right of way (the crosswalk sign was green for me), but 3 cars took a left and I crossed since no other car made the turn. For some stupid reason, a fourth car then made a left and I’m walking directly the vehicle. I saw him coming and stepped back just as he stopped an inch from me, I saw the gap between me and the SUV. If I had been messing around with my phone, the shitberg would have struck me. And adios amigos.

I won’t lie: I have been thinking about this near miss all weekend. And life goes on.

It’s the Open Thread, folks. Talk about gaming, movies, tv shows, books or whatever you want, I really don’t care. I just glad I didn’t end up in the hospital or the morgue.